Former SLI student wins 2nd prize in Chinese Language competition


Former SLI Mandarin student Rebecca Fernandez (shown center in image above) won 2nd prize at the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Preliminary Competition in Southern USA, hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas. Asked for comment, she had this to say:

In April of 2018, I had the great privilege of representing Florida International University at the annual Chinese Bridge Competition in Dallas, Texas. This was by far the most challenging setting in which I have ever been asked to test my Chinese language ability! I was a little apprehensive about my performance, but upon arriving in Dallas, I was immediately put at ease by the hospitality and warmth of my hosts. The Confucius Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas arranged the competition, and their excitement at hosting myself and 11 other students from southern universities made us all feel truly welcome. When it came time for me to deliver my performance, I was so proud to represent FIU's Asian Studies and Modern Languages programs. Both have enriched me in profound ways, throughout my undergraduate years and beyond. I was beyond grateful for the hard work and mentorship of my FIU Strategic Language professor, Zhang Xia. Without her assistance in preparation for my speech and musical performance, I couldn't have done it! My heartfelt thanks also goes to Dr. Ma Li of FIU's Chinese Language and Culture Program, and to the Confucius Institute of Miami Dade College. This experience is truly one that will be cherished in my heart for years to come.

We congratulate Rebecca on her achievement, and know that professor Zhang Xia is very proud of her student.